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Canvas size 16" x 16"

Canvas size 16'' x 16''
Bar depth: 38mm,  Framing style: Wrapped edgeBar depth: 38mm,  Framing style: Mirrored edgeBar depth: 38mm,  Framing style: Plain white edgeBar depth: 38mm,  Framing style: Coloured edge
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Your art/picture printed as a fully stretched 16" x 16" (406 x 406mm) exhibition quality canvas.

We use a high quality 330gsm canvas over laminated pine stretcher bars and each canvas
is hand finished with archival tape and felt corners.

Hanging furniture is supplied with every canvas.

We offer a choice of framing options, please see the descriptions in the tab below.

Price:  £62.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Wrapped Edge
Approximately 6cm of each edge of your image is continued around the stretcher bars.

Mirrored Edge
We copy a section from the edge of each side of the image and mirror flip it to extend around the edge of the stretcher bars.
This method gives you the illusion of bleed without losing any of your original image but please bear in mind that everything
on the edge is flipped so text etc will appear back to front.

Plain White Edge
No image extends around the stretcher bars, it is left as plain canvas.

Coloured Edge
A solid band of colour extends around the stretcher bars, usually picked out from the image but can be any colour you wish,
please specify your preference in the image comments box.

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